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Hand Surgery


As a scenic artist working on commissioned projects for television, theaters, museums, galleries and private homes, Louise Hunnicutt is especially reliant on optimal hand health for her profession. When the base of her right thumb started hurting, the painter’s first more »

—Restoring power to a partially paralyzed hand: Louise Hunnicutt’s Story


I recommend Dr Mark Pruzansky as the premier hand specialist for musicians. He is the person I trust and consult regarding any matters concerning my hands. Margaret Leng Tan, pianist and toy piano virtuoso

—Musician’s hand surgery: Margaret Leng Tan’s Story


Doctor Pruzansky is for sure one of the best doctors I ever met in my life. I broke my right hand, and a metal plate had to be put into the right wrist. The surgery was on 18 April 2014, more »

—Hand surgery with patient education: Herta Engelhart’s Story


Dr. Pruzansky operated on my right hand after I was told by another doctor that there was nothing to be done to gain the use of my right hand. It’s been a couple of years now & beginning to get more »

—Gaining reuse of right hand: Encou Ephrem’s Story


I highly recommend Dr. Pruzansky if you are experiencing hand pain and think you may need surgery or physical therapy. When I first met Dr. Pruzansky, I wasn’t sure what was wrong with my hand. He was able to quickly more »

—Repetitive use hand pain: Tony DiLoreto’s Story


Dr. Pruzansky is a wonderful hand surgeon who did a great job with my hand surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Pruzansky! Thanks again! Nancy

—Wonderful hand surgeon: Nancy Smith’s Story


Hand surgery is arguably the most intricate and complex of procedures in the general field of orthopedics, involving bone, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, skin, blood vessels and the relationship between them. Any patient can speak to the extraordinary sensitivity more »

—Rheumatoid arthritis patient needs joint and ligament reconstruction: Phyllis Wheelan’s Story

On a scale of one to five, Male, Late 60’s, rates Dr. Mark Pruzansky a solid five: “Very satisfied with the experience. Hand injuries take a long time to heal after surgery. Dr. Pruzansky walked me through all the steps more »

—Long-term satisfaction after hand surgery and physical therapy: Male, Late 60s

Wrist Surgery


It’s often said that doctors make the worst patients—or at least the most skeptical ones. Pediatric oncologist Joel Brochstein became an exception to the rule after visiting Dr. Pruzansky with a wintertime injury that gave him severe pain in his more »

—Rebuilding wrist ligaments to restore mobility and athleticism: Joel Brochstein’s Story

Nerve Surgery


“I’m the poster child for Dr. Pruzansky,” says legal journalist Monica Bay with a laugh. As a professional whose business is words, Bay does not speak idly: over the past 10 years, she has had seven procedures with Dr. Pruzansky more »

—Endoscopic carpal tunnel release to restore hand sensation and strength: Monica Bay’s Story

Elbow Surgery


New York–based actor and playwright Sean Grennan’s joint problems began 30 years ago when he dislocated his elbow during wrestling practice at Northwestern University. “I was so tough back then that a few weeks later I wrestled in the league more »

—Arthroscopically assisted elbow ligament reconstruction: Sean Grennan’s Story

Other Patient Testimonials

Rosemarie’s thoughts on being a patient of Dr. Pruzansky were flattering, “I don’t think you could find a doctor who is more qualified than Dr. Pruzansky.  If you research him, you will be in awe of his accomplishments.  When he more »

—Rosemarie Amster


I highly recommend Dr. Pruzansky to anyone looking for a hand surgeon in New York City. He has always been prompt with times, attentive, willing to explain things and overall a pleasure. If you need to have hand surgery, give more »

—Prompt, attentive, willing to explain: Garrett Smith’s Story


I am an avid winter mountaineer, and a few months prior to an expedition in the Northeast US, I suffered an injury to my shoulder. I booked an appointment with Dr. Pruzansky, who I had previously seen before, and very more »

—Avid winter mountaineer heals rotator cuff before climb: Stuart Schultz’s Story

It was a pleasure to be treated by Dr. Pruzansky and his team! Always punctual with impeccable bedside manner, Dr. Pruzansky answered every question I had about my condition, surgery and post-op care. He and his team followed up with more »

—Punctual, Impeccable Bedside Manner, Lana Sahay’s Story

Dr. Mark Pruzansky is an exceptional surgeon and a kind gentleman. Throughout my ten year old son’s surgery and treatment, Dr. Mark Pruzansky a safe, effective recovery. We trust him implicitly and recommend him extremely highly.


Arthroscopic Surgery


Two years ago, University of Arizona economics student Jonathan Messing was on a summer canoe trip when a mishap occurred. “I was showing off,” he admits, “and didn’t see that there was a big rock right next to the boat.” more »

—Arthroscopic surgery to help restore an athlete’s range of motion: Jonathan Messing’s Story

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